Watercolor Painting

Jun 15,2019

I got the watercolor paints and watercol … 继续阅读

Pineapple Bread 菠萝包

Dec 12,2018

  I used to eat pineapple breads wh … 继续阅读

Guangzhou is famous for its cuisine food 广州以美食而著称

Nov 11,2018

Guangzhou is famous for its cuisine. In … 继续阅读

日本料理自助餐 Japanese Cuisine buffet food

Oct 8,2018

Go to Japanese buffet with colleagues. B … 继续阅读


Sep 16,2018

1)Impressions 曝光量 2)Hit 在上面方面取得成功 3)View … 继续阅读

Myosotis Sylvatica Flower Daily Life 勿忘我花

Sep 2,2018

When I clean the room today,I have found … 继续阅读

米粉面 chinese food 中餐

Jun 10,2018

It’s Summer now,the weather is hot … 继续阅读

ICE Plant photography 摄影 冰菜

Apr 22,2018

Listen to the Music and Read Book daily life

Mar 13,2018

After visiting the exhibition, I’m … 继续阅读

Hot Pot chinese food photography 摄影 火锅

Feb 4,2018

The weather is very cold recently, Hot P … 继续阅读