Travel at Angkor Wat in Cambodia photography 柬埔寨小吴哥旅行摄影

Jan 16,2018

Angkor is composed of many magnificent stone pagodas, stone houses and stone reliefs.

The sunrise and sunset of Angkor are very famous. Everyone who travels to Cambodia will go to see the Angkor’s sunrise and sunset.

We also bought the tickets to see Angkor’s sunrise and sunset.When we arrived at the Angkor,we attracted by the exquisite carving and took lots of photos,when we remembered and want to see the sunset,the Angkor staff told us that we have exceeded the time of the visit,so we can’t see the sunset.

The next day,Tutu Driver arrive at our hotel before 5:00am to pick up us to see the sunrise.We’re surprise that he kept his promise ,and arrived at the hotel before the time that we told him.

Because it was not the rainy season when we travelled Cambodia,there is little water in the pool which in front of Angkor Wat.However,many people waited very early by the pool of Angkor Wat, and some of them even brought blankets and sat the ground and waited for the sunrise patiently.

Although,we didn’t capture the photos that spectacular reflection in the water,but the sunrise of Angkor Wat is really amazing and beautiful.

We walked along the corridor of Angkor , one friend of us as a guide and introduce the significance of these exquisite relief for us.

The steps leading to the main tower, almost perpendicular to the ground, are very difficult to walk. When you climb, we need to hold up the armrest. The steps are called “Heaven ladder”, which means that believers experience the hardships of the way to heaven and express infinite piety.

Tips:Cambodia ‘ s water contains iron , it’s hard for me to adapt to it, even brushing teeth.
If you have white clothes,don’t wash it with tap water.
I bought mineral water to drink during I’m in Cambodia.But many people who travel in Cambodia,they adapted to Cambodia’s diet and water,so it’s depends on yourself.

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