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Jan 21,2018

When we want to have dinner,we found this new restaurant,and it’s first opened date,so the restaurant also invited Lion Dance to celebrate the opening.

We ordered a few dishes. They were delicious.



炖猪蹄,里面的瘦肉很多 Stewed pork hoof, with a lot of lean meat in it

Bamboo rice,inside is salty rice, very delicious

羊排,很入味 Lamb chops, very tasty

猪肚鸡蛋,这道菜很特别,猪肚外面是一层鸡蛋 pork tripe with eggs,this food is very special.


The decoration on the wall is also very special,the boss also has the oil painting business at the same time , so the decoration is more exquisite.

Thanks for reading!

Anne ^_^

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