Blue Sky good weather 蓝色天空晴朗

Jan 29,2019

It’s good weather with blue sky.

Black kerneled rice Semen Coicis millet congee food 黑米薏仁小米粥

Jan 13,2019

Today’s Black Kerneled Rice Semen Coicis Millet Congee.
It is more convenient to cook this Congee. After washing the material, put them in the pressure cooker for a long time, then put the brown sugar in it, you can eat it.


Day 7 Corn purple potato breakfast food 玉米紫薯早餐

Jan 12,2019

今日早餐是玉米紫薯早餐 ,也有去跑了下步,运动也很重要。

Today’s breakfast is Corn Purple Potato,also I run today.
Sports is also import.

Day 6 Burrito Breakfast food 卷饼早餐

Jan 11,2019

Today’s breakfast is Burrito Breakfast.

day 4 Baguette color pepper sandwich food 法棍彩椒三明治早餐

Jan 9,2019

Today’s breakfast is Baguette color pepper sandwich.

I always get up at about 6 am or 6:30 am every morning to make breakfast.

The Baguette need to be bake in advance,otherwise,it needs to be fermented,it’ll be too late to go to work.

Actually, I’m still a little late for work.^_^

When I get up in the morning, only fry an egg and fried a color pepper, by the way, fried pepper can be used as lunch.

Then hot milk, cut the bananas, avocados, and put nuts, so that breakfast and lunch can be solved.

Health and nutrition.



其实还是上班还是有点小迟到的。嘻嘻 ^_^



#Day 3 Baguette Breakfast 法棍早餐

Jan 8,2019

Today’s breakfast is Baguette, I baked the baguette made last night, so I can have Baguette Breakfast today,it’s more convenience.

I used to like all kinds of breads and cakes and they are very delicious. Since I baked,I just like to baking bread and cakes,instead of eating,because we have to add some sugar or butter when we bake them.When we bake Baguette only need to add salted instead of sugar or butter,more health.

However, It’s only my opinion,sometimes I also eat some of breads or cakes after I baking.

Thanks for your reading.
Anne : )


不过,这只是个人感觉而已,偶尔要做烘焙,做完还是会吃些的。: )

day 2 potato fat beef slices breakfast food 土豆肥牛片早餐

Jan 7,2019

Today’s breakfast is potato fat beef slices, I get up at 6 am to make breakfast, Boil potatoes takes a long time.

And it’s too late to cut fruit,have to finish the breakfast as fast as I can,and then go to work.

Wish I can insist on doing breakfast.


street photography Xiamen photography 摄影

Dec 27,2018

It’s sunshine day today.

Street Photography zhongshan road photography 摄影 街拍中山路

Dec 23,2018

It’s famous Xiamen Zhongshan Road.

When visitors visit xiamen,Zhongshan Road is one of their visit place.

Besides, there are many ancient buildings and local snacks in Xiamen, which are very popular with tourists.

I also like to visit here,go around and shopping.
It’s worthy place for your traveling.






Street Photography 街拍

Dec 22,2018